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Amor’cie Designs is an up and coming label from Perth, Western Australia, founded by Grace D’Arrigo in 2014. Grace has been sewing for as long as she can remember, having been taught to sew garments for her dolls by her Nonna as a child. Fashion was something that she was always passionate about and as she got older it became more than just a hobby. Grace graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Fashion, from Curtin University in 2015.

Society has varied expectations about how people should dress and what parts of the body should be shown and which should be covered. Amor’cie Designs is an elegant and youthful label, which examines the contradictory codes that determine dress. It investigates the line between modesty and exposure.

Having come from an Italian background, Amor’cie Designs is a way for Grace to reflect on the generational differences in lifestyle, attitude and beliefs in her cultural heritage.